The Journey: Curology x Zoezi Sport

The Journey: Curology x Zoezi Sport

Fit. Fresh. Ready to Flex.

We love that exercise can reduce stress, improve circulation, and help promote skin regeneration—all great things for overall skin health. More importantly, fitness, like skincare, is about empowerment. It’s not about the destination—it’s all about having fun and feeling good along the way. That’s why Curology and Zoezi partnered to design a stylish, yet versatile jogger set!

The Journey: Curology x Zoezi Sport

Each purchase of this active kit will also include a gift set of a cleanser & moisturizer and acne body wash, so you can so you can stay breakout free after your workout. 


About Curology

Curology is a skincare company that offers a one-stop-shop to address your acne needs, providing access to high-quality dermatology care and custom prescription skincare in an easy, affordable way. Their unique platform gets you access to a dermatology provider in minutes, subject to consultation— it can take just a few selfies and a skin quiz to get a prescription formula customized to your individual skincare needs.  Curology also offers dermatologist-designed cleanser, moisturizer, acne body wash, and emergency spot patches to complete your skincare routine. Subscriptions for the Custom Formula start at $19.95/month.


Your Post-Workout Skincare 

These Curology products make it easy to show off your post-workout glow: Lather up with the acne-fighting body wash, clear away sweat and dirt with the gentle cleanser, and keep things hydrated with the moisturizer. It’s effective, yet oh-so simple.

Why you’ll love these Curology goodies

-Taking care of your skin after working out
-Getting started with a basic, everyday skincare routine
-Acne prevention and treatment through use of the acne body wash

Want to level up?

Love these products and interested in achieving long-term #skingoals? We got you. Curology’s custom formulas are affordable and crafted for your skin.


If you're interested in learning about the ingredients in the Curology products for this active kit, click here!"

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