About Us


Zoezi, meaning exercise in Swahili, is a fashion forward lifestyle fitness brand.

INSPIRATION – Yvonne, The Founder.
As a young girl, I was kinda the chubby one, clothes didn’t always fit as I would have liked them to, and oh this was just frustrating. Fast forward, I am older, and someone told me, you need to lose some weight Yvonne, I wanted to be on TV, so this was important, no, it was critical.
After embarking on my fitness journey, I noticed I just couldn’t find brands that connected with me in Kenya, I didn't see myself reflected in them. So, I started a new journey, to create what I wanted to see, it is my vision that ZOEZI inspires you to feel good, by looking good while working out, hence you'll be more motivated to stay fit.
By infusing my Kenyan roots with my love of fitness and fashion, I strive every day to design a brand that inspires people everywhere to be fit and fearless.
Zoezi, The Brand. Re-imagining The African Artistic Expression
Zoezi strives to be a Kenyan born, but Global fashion forward brand with products built on a love for fitness, fashion and the Fearless Kenyan spirit. We exist to ignite a new wave of Afrocentric creativity in fitness that emulates the depth and breadth of Kenya, and the larger continent.
We are born of a country rich in culture, color and creativity, we take this and fuse it with modern and contemporary notes and designs creating a magical look that is uniquely ZOEZI, with each product.
We are committed to the continuous development of our brand, and our products to fully live our brand purpose. We hope you will be inspired.

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