What is Mazoezi?

What is Mazoezi?

Hey ladies, soooooo I've been on the longest fitness journey. And to be honest I started working out for some vain reasons. Some of you know me, some don't, welcome!! Let's back track to 2013 when I was living in my beautiful hometown Nairobi! I hosted one of the most popular television shows in East Africa and I was so comfortable about my body. Until one of the shows fans tweeted me and asked me if I was pregnant?!?! I definitely was NOT! So, the next day I got myself a personal trainer and made sure to get rid of that gut! Yes, vanity brought me to the gym and my strength and love for fitness kept me there 4 years later. 

This blog is to continue to share my journey. I've gotten really comfortable about my knowledge of health/fitness because well look at me. (Humble brag). Check back often because I will share so many awesome routines that you can do at home, gym, work, school, everywhere! I do plenty of toning routines and also lots of HIIT and heavy weight workouts too! I'll even share my diet tips because food is my absolute weakness, but I don't feel like you should punish yourself just for the sake of fitness.

Welcome to Mazoezi!



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