Get In Gear: Why The Right Workout Clothes Are So Essential

Get In Gear: Why The Right Workout Clothes Are So Essential

For the training novice, actually getting started on a new program is usually the most important thing: so they tend to go for sweats, a pair of leggings or shorts, coupled with a good pair of general training shoes. At this point, your motivation is based on the need to get active, as opposed to standing out in the latest workout trends.

However as your training progresses and your goals become more defined, what you put on becomes almost as important as the workout itself. This is because clothing geared towards the type of training you are taking part in can make a huge difference to the quality of your workout, and ultimately how quickly you reach our goals.

Not only does good gear keep you comfortable and safe performing various exercises, but it can also give a huge boost to your self esteem as you work to burn fat, gain muscle or maintain what you already have!


You have to ensure that you are giving your body the right fuel to stay on course. This doesn’t just mean nutrition. It also means clothing choices – picking the right workout shoe can mean the world of difference between success on a run, or debilitating injury! Trying to excel in your HIIT sessions? Choose clothing that is comfortable enough to encourage your skin to breathe through all the sweat. Your clothing should encourage circulation. If you feel your breathing is restricted, or your sports bra is too tight, then you’re setting yourself up for a fall (literally).


Here are some things to look out for when getting into gear:


Is it comfy?

Are you able to stretch in your pants or top without the fear that it will slide off or rip? Choose materials that allow for movement and pay attention to how they fit your body. A little spandex can allow for a greater range of motion in workout clothing, and will ensure you stay tucked in and tight, without feeling constricted.


Are your clothes activity appropriate?

That cute pair of gym shorts may be fantastic for strength work or for aerobics, but may not provide you with the protection you need for rock climbing, or outdoor cycling where there is a greater possibility of falling. For someone who participates in a number of different types of sporting activities, base tyour wardrobe on what you tend to do more of, and then add in a few extra pieces to cover one off workouts. Training gear can become expensive, however if you look at your training as a lifetime commitment, what you wear during your training time will become as essential as the heels you buy for work.

Does it wick?

Wicking is the ability of material to quickly allow moisture to evaporate: super important if you participate in high energy sporting activity. If you’re going to be building up a sweat, make sure your base layer will keep you dry and comfortable. Not only will your skin thank you, but you won’t be thinking about sweat marks on your clothing, and that will keep the focus fully on the great workout you’re getting.


Does it fit you well and look good?

Through your training sessions, you are transforming your body. Embrace that. Exercise should be a fun way of getting you to where you want to be. As your body changes, don’t forget to appreciate how far you’ve come. There are so many styles and trends out there that look good on any size and any physique. Pick up a special set every time you hit a new goal, or lose a certain amount of body fat. The more you love the skin you’re in – at every stage of your fitness – the more you will want to continue to improve it!




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