Abdominal Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Abdominal Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

So, abs are made first at home. Your diet is key in keeping the gut and bloat away. Don't think that you can just suddenly get abs without first eating healthy! Sorry boo. But don't fret, I will teach you how to keep the french fries (OCCASIONALLY) in one hand and the abs popping. 

Here are some really easy routines you can do at home or gym. You can also add weight for more resistance if these seem too easy for you.



1. Standing side crunches (also known as standing oblique crunches or knee to elbow) is a functional standing ab exercise targeting oblique muscles. Use this ab exercise as more effective alternative to a regular side crunches done on the floor. Or add it as a variety in your regular ab routine.

  • To inrcrease the resistance use ankle weights. Or take a dumbbell/kettlebell/plate in the opposite arm and hold at your side.
  • When you do perform the exercise, keep your hips in place. Do not swing them back and forth.
  • Also avoid pulling your head forward or sideways with your hands.

    2. Russian Twists increases rotational strength in the core and abdominals. The exercise also strengthens the lower back and hips. Sit on the floor with your knees and hips bent to 90° with your feet flat on the floor, holding a weight plate(you can use body weight) with your arms fully extended in front of your chest.  Lean back so your torso is at a 45° angle, and use your abs to twist your torso as far as you can in one direction before reversing the motion and returning to the starting position to prepare to twist in the opposite direction.

    • Do not allow your body to sway back and forth as you twist
    • Squeeze your abs as hard as possible for maximum effectiveness.
    • Do not sit up too high, which will place stress on your lower back.

    3. Suitcase crunches: Begin by lying down with the legs extended. Raise the legs off the ground approximately 2 inches. From this position, perform a crunch by bringing your knees towards your chest and your elbows towards your knees. Touch your elbows to your knees and return back to the starting position.



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