5 Reasons to Start Sippin on Cucumber Lemon Water

5 Reasons to Start Sippin on Cucumber Lemon Water

Cucumbers aren't just for salads anymore, and lemons aren't just for lemonade. This power combo has many benefits including hydration, weight loss, lowering blood pressure, as well as keeping bones, skin, and muscles healthy.  


Most people need to drink about 6-8 glasses of water per day. Why is water good for us?  Blood is 83% water, which is used to transport oxygen and nutrients to our cells, remove waste products and regulate body temperature.  The liver and the kidneys, in particular, use water to help excrete toxins and harmful compounds that we consume or that our bodies produce as part of the daily business of keeping us alive and moving around. 

Weight Loss

Swapping sugary drinks and sports drinks for cucumber water can help you eliminate calories from your diet. Being properly hydrated can also help a you feel full, saving you from unnecessary snacking.

Antioxidant Rich

Oxidative damage can lead to all kinds of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Antioxidants help to prevent and delay cell damage from oxidative stress. In addition to the health benefits of cucumbers, the vitamin C from the lemons acts is a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and metabolism booster.

Cucumbers are rich in the following antioxidants:

  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • phosphorus
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin K

Lowers Blood Pressure 

Potassium is an electrolyte that helps regulate the amount of sodium retained by the kidneysA diet high in sodium and low in potassium can lead to high blood pressure, so including potassium in the diet might help lower blood pressure.

Cucumbers are a good source of potassium. Drinking cucumber water helps your body get more potassium, potentially helping to lower your blood pressure.

Healthy Skin

Proper hydration can help the body to flush out toxins and keep the skin healthy. Cucumbers are also rich in vitamin B, which can help with acne and other skin problems.


How to Make Cucumber Water

Making cucumber water is pretty simple:

  1. Slice a cleaned, peeled (or unpeeled depending on your preference) cucumber into 1/2 inch slices.
  2. Combine cucumber slices in water, and type with ice. Allow to marinate for at least an hour. (For best results, allow it to marinate overnight in the refrigerator.)












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